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Mixing a project no matter how big or small requires attention to detail, making what would have been a great recording into a first class product. It could be said that it’s all about the “fit” when mixing for a client, but an engineers job is to deliver the best sound and with many other things cannot make everyone happy as personal tastes change by the hour. The only constant is the music has to fit the content, instead of dominating, it should be sympathetic and compliment thus creating a symbiotic relationship with every aspect of the subject matter.


Every project that Nick Clegg Sound works on upholds this sensibility by listening to not only his clients, but to respect the work that has already been done. This is why when companies ranging from well known household brands to high tech consumer companies need first class live sound, voice overs, audio recording or mixing using the very best in audio technology they call upon Nick to deliver on time and in budget. 

日本語Nick Clegg Sound は手がけた全てのプロジェクトでそのことを一番大事にしてきました。クライアントの話をよく聴くことはもちろんですが、できあがってきた作品そのものをリスペクトしているからです。有名ブランド企業、駆け出しプロダクション、ベストなオーディオテクノロジーで最高の音を求めるクライアントから、ライブサウンド、アフレコ、音楽作品、そして映画のミックスまで様々な予算、納期の企画の依頼をいただいています。